How do you maintain custom upholstery
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How do you maintain custom upholstery?

Custom furniture upholstery is a great way to add some individuality to your home. 

Whether you have a chair that needs reupholstering or would like the entire furniture set in your family room redone, it’s important to know how to properly maintain your custom furniture upholstery, if you want it to last for years to come.

 If you’re looking for ways on how to care for custom furniture upholstery, keep reading!

Tip Number 1: Choosing the Right Material/Fabric

If you’re looking for furniture upholstery in Miami (or anywhere else), it’s important that the fabric of your furniture upholstery is appropriate for the location and conditions you’ll be placing it in. Fabric choice can make a world of difference in terms of durability for custom upholstery. Outside and pieces intended for the pool for example will need to be upholstered with different materials than your inside furniture.

So depending on your needs, you’ll need different materials .For instance, synthetic fibers are great if your upholstery will be in heavy-use areas of the home, while natural fabrics without too much texture would be best suited towards pet owners who want something which won’t get dirty easily and that they don’t have trouble cleaning regularly.

Tip Number 2: Protecting the Material/Fabric

Your furniture upholstery fabric deserves the best protection from spills. Fortunately, it typically goes through a finishing process at factories, where there are treatments with girt and water repellents as well as mildew inhibitors, that will keep your custom upholstery looking its finest for many moons.

It’s amazing how much certain materials, like a quality leather, can take care of itself if not abused. Leather fabrics and similar synthetic materials do an excellent job at keeping spills from being absorbed into the furniture upholstery fibers right away and if you want to go the extra mile there are special leather treatments to help your custom upholstery looking brand new long after it’s initial design. Remember, proper maintenance = longevity for your custom upholstery.

Tip Number 3: Fluff ‘em Up!

Furniture Upholstery can be an investment that lasts for many years. Turning over cushions periodically and “fluffing” them up is an easy, yet effective way to ensure your custom upholstery stays in good shape and you don’t end up with permanent indents from regular wear! 

Fluffing after each cleaning also helps keep them looking their sharpest longer, since it removes dirt particles, dust mites etc. This could cause fading over time due to exposure or accumulation on surfaces exposed inside homes where air quality isn’t optimal.

Tip Number 4: Vacuuming your Furniture:

Weekly vacuuming is the key to keeping your furniture upholstery clean and free from embedded dirt. It’s also a great way for you to get started scrubbing those tough stains! 

Vacuum-powered tools with hoses or fine nozales tend to be better than hand-held brushes because they can remove more surface soil, which means less work on behalf of both visitor and cleaner alike. Be sure not to use excessive strength if brushing or cleaning as this may damage fibers over time.

Tip Number 5: Cleaning the Spots

Embrace the stain! The most important thing to remember when it comes time for your furniture upholstery is that accidents will happen. That being said, embracing the stain doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Properly cleaning your custom upholstery will ultimately depend on what type of materials have been used, if you’re not sure what to do though, your upholster can help. So don’t sound the alarm just yet.

If you have opted for pre-treated fabric, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Pre-treated fabrics allow for the majority of stains to lift more readily rather than becoming more and more soiled over time like they would without treatment.

When cleaning with solutions, always test in an inconspicuous area before you use any product for spot cleaning. It’s also wise to check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if you need a water-based or solvent-based cleaner. Keep in mind that for most custom upholstery it’s best to use a mild cleaning product. For spot cleaning you can apply your solution with a soft brush in a circular motion to work into the fibers, then vacuum when dry.

Tip Number 6: Keeping Furniture Away from External Damages:

It’s important to take care of furniture upholstery in order for it not only look good but last long.

Sunlight and UV radiation is a powerful violator of fabric colors. It can cause your custom upholstery to fade and even fray over time if you don’t take proper steps to help maintain it! We have personally come across many cases especially in Sunny Miami regarding the damage of furniture due to UV lights.

Airborne pollutants such as fumes from cooking or other types of smoke can easily harm your fabric, so proper ventilation is essential when dealing with potential pollutants in the air.

Tip Number 7: Calling a Professional

To get the most of your custom furniture upholstery, it is best to have a professional cleaning performed every couple of years or so. Most custom upholstery experts also recommend that you avoid waiting until your pieces get visibly dirty before having this done regularly, because the dirtier and more neglected they are, the harder the restoration process can become.

When it comes to crafting and maintaining custom upholstery in Miami and throughout the rest of Florida, we know our processes! Some fabrics can be hand-washed while others need to be dry cleaned. Custom upholstery often means high end materials, so your furniture may have special rules for how it should be cared for. It’s essential you know which type your furniture is before attempting any upkeep on the fabric because improper care can lead to damage or even permanent stains.

GJ Upholstery Masters provides high-quality furniture upholstery services for all your custom upholstery and furniture. We offer professional, affordable, and reliable workmanship to suit all of your needs. If you need any help or have specific questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team is happy to answer any inquiries from potential customers in a timely manner.

How do you maintain custom upholstery

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