Quality Custom Upholstery
Quality Custom Upholstery

5 Tips for Purchasing Quality Custom Upholstery

If you want the get the very best results from your next high quality custom upholstery project, but aren’t sure where to begin, this article should help. There are very specific characteristics of the to look for when trying to determine who should be your go-to quality custom upholstery provider. In this post we’ll be covering 5 concepts to bear in mind that will assist you in understanding exactly what to look for when seeking to acquire top-shelf upholstery.

5 Tips for Purchasing Quality Custom Upholstery


Hardwood is a premium solution for the framework of creating long-lasting, well-built upholstery. There are many different types of hardwood to select from. Our team has been professionally serving the upholstery industry for nearly two decades from our headquarters in South Florida. In this time we’ve completed thousands of quality custom upholstery and reupholstery services and worked with some of the best hardwood for furniture such as:

  • Cherry
  • Mapple
  • Mahogany
  • Ash
  • Pine

When modern, high quality custom upholstery, look for a heavy gauge, sinuous no-sag spring or webbing suspension system. These types of seat suspension units offer the user a comfortable and long-lasting framework yet still give an aesthetically pleasing look to your furniture. We utilize heavy gauge sinuous no-sag spring and webbing seat suspension systems for all the furniture we build in order to provide the aforementioned sought out qualities.


It is crucial to understand how a quality custom upholstery piece is made if you want to ensure you get the best results from your next project. Are you aware of how the furniture you own has been made? If was a production line, then one upholsterer would take care of the piece’s backside fabrics, another makes the arms, another the within back and seat. If it’s been upholstered on the table or bench, that suggests one upholsterer makes the whole piece.

The table will indubiously take more time, but also produces higher grade results and is typically reserved for more complicated projects. On the table work is a good sign of quality custom upholstery. GJ Upholstery Masters prides ourselves on the fact that we never sacrifice the integrity of our artistic approach to creating high quality custom upholstery with an assembly line. All of the furniture produced and reupholstered by our brand has unique properties, developed planning behind the project, and thorough attention to detail.

Quality Custom Upholstery


Fiber quality is essential for padding the frame of quality custom upholstery as well as achieving a comfortable feel against the body. If you want the very best from your upholstery in both look and feel then you should inquire about what kind of filling will used for the piece you are requesting. GJ Upholstery Master utilizes high resiliency foams, cotton cushioning and heavy fiber filling for our cust upholstery work. These materials help ensure a piece’s durability and prevent the filling from collapsing even after extended use. Don’t forget to ask about what filling will be used in your pillows and cushions! GJ Masters hand stuffs all cushions with high resiliency foams, 100% natural latex, and other comparable quality materials.


It is essential to understand where the upholstery you are requesting is made. GJ Upholstery Master believes in operating with a great deal of transparency. Our team works diligently and with a high degree of discipline. We ensure that nothing short of the best upholstery techniques are implemented for our clients’ work. GJ Masters produces our quality custom upholstery and reupholstery furniture pieces directly from our primary location located in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Quality Custom Upholstery

Quality Custom Upholstery Planning

GJ Upholstery Masters truly care about our clients’ projects and results. Our company was built upon creating high value upholstery through meticulous planning, experience, skill, and focused execution. If you are looking for the best custom upholstery provider in the industry contact GJ Masters.

Quality Custom Upholstery

Quality Custom Upholstery Execution

The process of producing high-end custom upholstery services begins with a quality upholstery. Our team implements the best strategies and techniques in the industry. As we covered in the 5 tips above quality custom upholstery will be created on the table. GJ Masters operates with integrity and expertise.


Quality Custom Upholstery Materials

If you want to get the best out of your upholstery you need to ensure you are utilizing the best materials for your specific project. GJ Upholstery Masters offers clients a huge selection of quality fabrics to choose from and understands how to bring our the best elements of each unique material used.

Quality Custom Upholstery

Quality Custom Upholstery Experts

When You work with Jaime, our founder and lead upholster, along with the rest of team at GJ Upholstery Masters you are entering a professional relationship with some of the best upholstery artists and craftsmen in the industry today. We’ve worked with thousands of clients in the course of nearly two decades.


GJ Upholstery Masters | Best Quality Custom Upholstery in South FL

If you truly want the best out of your next upholstery or reupholstery project it’s important to identify the right upholstery team to service your needs. GJ Upholstery Masters is dedicated to artistry and our fulfilling our clients’ highest expectations. The key to identifying the right upholsterer for your needs is to ask yourself the right questions. We hope that you found the content in this article both useful and insightful.

Our team produces high quality custom upholstery. We specialize in custom headboards and upholstered beds, marines upholstery, and cornices/upholstered walls.  If you have a piece of furniture you are looking to have professionally restored and reupholstered or if you are looking to discuss a high quality custom upholstery project contact us today. GJ Upholstery Masters offers clients and interested prospects free service estimates and a supportive team of professionals to work with.


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